Adoption of Deep Shishu Mandir with an aim of promoting better Education and Health to the village children.

a) Provided Books for the poor.
b) Provided dress for the needy.


Objective : Under this project we have taken the responsibility to teach technical skills to the young girls so that they are self reliant in their lives and can earn a livelihood with this skill.

Training : Various girls from Deep Sishu Mandir and from our village Razapur were taught stitching skills and computer skills thrice a week.

Reseaech : We had carried out a research in the creating alternative means of livelihood in the villages and shorted work on two projects:

a) Sanitary Napkin Manufacturing Unit
b) Solar Power Generation


Education: Given to books & dreses Deep Shishu Mandir.

Objective: Under this project we are promoting children's education and encouraging the brilliant children to achieve even higher results helping them to make their future bright.

Donation: The topper of every class gets their yearly education fees paid by us.

Result: Various students of Deep Sishu Mandir worked hard to achieve free education.
Average percentage was 70% to 75% before our project.
It increased from 85 % to 90% after our initiative.

Research: (Women Empowrement)
Our team went around the nearby villages and interviewed the ladies, in the houses, we were able to pin point problem like health, Sanitation, Lack of Education, Lack of means of livelihood and further worked on creation of means of livelihood.



Objective : Our initiative was to bring computer education to our village and educate children with the latest Technology.

Donation : Computer were donated to us and were installed in the school where children are being taught, the skills of information Technology.

Result : Latest training being imparted to the children.


Education: Old Projects are Continued

1. Deep Sishu Mandir. (Donations)
2. Padhega Hind To Badhega Hind.
3. Kanya Daan ek nayi disha.
4. Books and dresses given to the needy children.

Swachchh Sulabh Shauchalya Yojna
Objective: Our school had no toilets and class eighth girls were going to ease themselves in the open. Our agenda was to insure clean hygienic toilets for all.

Donation : 4 Toilets 2 for girls and 2 for boys were constructed and were inaugurated by Mrs. Kusum Singh on 12-1-2013.

Result : A more hygienic Rural School.


Skill Training: Skill Training were imparted to various girls of the village in partnership with SLV Security Company (Gurgaon) and were given a job in Select city mall Delhi.

Research: In our continuing research work we felt the need of communication with the Agriculture Community was running. We started work on using the means like Mobile phones and met a lot of Software manufacturing Companies for the same.

We also started our study on Community Radio Station need and financial worthiness of the same.


Education: Old Projects are Continued

1. Deep Sishu Mandir. (Donations)
2. Padhega Hind To Badhega Hind.
3. Kanya Daan ek nayi disha.
4. Books and dresses given to the needy children


Objective : After 66 years of celebrating Independence it is sad to see that a village 85km from Delhi is still having issues with clean drinking water. Thus our initiative to bring clean drinking water to the children was launched.

Donation: We had received donation for our project and work has started where we will install a submersible pump, a clean tank and few drinking taps for the children.

Distribution of Medicines to the OBC families in our village was cared out in this year.


Sports: Local cricket tournament between the village teams was Organized and as many as 18 teams participated in the event.

Research: This year we researched on the following projects:

a) Cattle breeding projects
b) Product from waste
c) Vermi Compost

We also started our own Vermi compost plant this year.
We are producing1000 tons per month.


ALTERNATIVE MEASURES Research done for various projects

Objective : We have introduced a program alternative measures, where in projects are studied and then implemented which help in promoting rural industries thus promoting local jobs.

(Solar Power)
Objective : Our trust initiative was to launch a 11kva Solar Power plant in our village so that electricity is available all 24 hours.

Planning : We tied up with a company called Gram Power and now our project is ready for Implementation.

Work: We have conducted various research and meetings were held in our village where all the villagers were made aware of the solar products and their costs.



Objective: Our country is suffering from an overload of waste material, which is creating a health hazzard , and environmental issues for our country. We want to do our bit for this cause.

Project: We have purchased old tyres/bottles and have converted usable products from the waste material.

This is an on going project.


Objective: To create a natural manure which keeps the land fertile and helps in a healthy produce.

Result: We have made trenches for the manure and we can produce up to 150 kg every 45 days.


The trust made all round progress in all spheres of activity we received handsome donations to carry out our programs in different areas of human Endeavour. The participation of peoples help us gain good reputation & satisfaction in terms of our efforts to fulfill the needs of people in the adjoining villages of the area.

Education: We started “Parivartan Academy” in Feb, 2014 for imparting quality education in this remote rural area for the benefit of parents & students. Following mass support from the surrounding villages we admitted 140 students in classes Pre-Nur. to 3rdStandard. The academy has been equipped with the best play way material, a well developed infrastructure for the academics. Due care has been taken to provide electricity backup, filtered water, playgrounds & computer learning etc.

In our chain of help to deserving students, we reimburse school fee for class topers in every class to Swami Vivekanand Saraswati Shishu Asharm every year.


Sports: We organized marathon runs, kabaddi & cricket tournament at the village. In cricket 10 teams of young boys participated, where as in kabaddi 15 villages participated with their power & might. Both the events where enjoyed by the teams, organizers, villagers & local officials.

Product from the waste: We made use of used plastic bottles, rubber tyres, empty cans & waste paper to make small utility items like pot stands, flower pots & small baskets etc.

Health & Welfare: In this sector we distributed free medicine to the needy people in villages to mitigate their troubles & problems through our volunteers.   


Skill Development: Being a major thrust area as per the needs of people, we provided training for handloom, food processing, security guards & BPO area to girls & women. This will subsequently help people in their settlement. In the field of computer training we found a big rush of youngsters for their own growth & employment.

Women Empowerment: Not lagging behind in this field, we supplied books & dresses to girls to better their lot.

Agriculture: We issued loads of vermi compose to farmers to improve their yields. We have a capacity to produce 1000 tons of vermin per month at our center.

Art & Culture: Art & culture constitute an integral part of our life. Our cash & material contribution for events like Ramleela serves to connects us to the ground realities. Our skits presented on social issues send the message across for masses which help us fight ignorance & backwardness in the area.


We are ready to launch any of the below mentioned projects where our research is complete. We are awaiting funds for these projects.

1. Sanitary Napkin manufacturing Project.
2. Dairy farming Project.
3. Goat Breeding Project.
4. Daudenga Gaon Toh Bhagega Desh.
5. 11 KVA Solar Power Plant.
6. Product from Waste.
7. Community Radio Station.