Comping Up Events  

As we walked the road to achieve another mileston for the trust, on 6th of feb 2014. Little did we know that we would be greated with open arms on our newest venture Parivartan Academy which is now a 100 student strong school in just -3 months from the opening, till date and we expect another 50 students atleast to join us in the month of july when the school reopens. We at the academy have stared a new wave in the Rural Sector wave in the Rural Sector with education standards comparable to any city of India. Also in the month of march we managed to complete a 50feet by 20 feet shed for our adopted School Swami Vivekanand Shishu Ashram which now provides shelter to nearly 100 students and they no more have to study in the heat or rain anymore . Photographs of the same can be veiwed in our Gallery. We would like to thank Mr Rajiv Swahney from the bottom of our heart for his support in our inctiative of building this shed.


The Festival of colour.